It’s raining heavily this monsoon. Rain brings relief to the population but is also responsible for various food and water borne diseases. Eye conditions common during the monsoons are:

1. Bacterial conjunctivitis

2. Viral conjunctivitis

3. Allergy

These conditions commonly cause redness in the eye, clear watery or muddy or purulent discharge from the eye. Eye infections cause the lids to be covered with discharge, particularly when one wakes up in the morning. Eye itching and foreign body sensation (feeling that something is there in the eye) is also commonly reported by the patients.

Eye redness, watery or mucoid discharge is commonly seen in conjunctivitis.

You can protect your eyes by

1. Maintaining ocular hygiene: Don't touch or rub the affected eye. Use disposable tissues to wipe off the overflowing discharge or tears.

2. Avoid smoke, sun, dusty environment

3. Avoiding contact with a person already affected:  As a courtesy, it’s better to shift to Namaste, rather than the routine handshake or hug.

4. Limiting the spread of infection: Stay away from public places and children as they are more vulnerable to infections.

5. Hand washing with soap and water: Simple hand wash with soap and water can reduce the infectious load by 99 percent. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works fast, but is not effective against viruses.

Visit your ophthalmologist if you develop symptoms so that appropriate therapy is started at the earliest.