Herniated disc or slip disc is a condition in which disc present between two vertebrae bulge outside its assigned space and compress the spinal cord or any nerve passing adjacent to it. This compression causes pain, numbness, and tingling sensation. But fortunately, this can now be treated effectively with few modifications in daily lifestyle. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Avoid bending forward

Any kind of forward bending activity should be avoided as it increases the disc lesion. Squatting instead of bending should be practised to avoid exaggeration of pain and worsening of the situation.

2. Don’t lift heavy weight

Disc herniation usually occurs due to lifting heavy things which cause extra pressure on spine and disc rupture and moves out of its space. Proper rest is required in such cases. A specialist bone doctor should be consulted if the regular pain is felt; he/she will prescribe you relevant pain medications and recommend rest.

3. Increase core muscle strength

Muscles help to keep the vertebrae in proper position and also reduce extra weight on joints. They also act as body stabilizers during movements. Hence it is important to keep your muscles in proper form so they don’t cause frequent discomfort.

4. Avoid prolonged sitting

Sitting or standing for a long time should be avoided as back muscles get fatigued and cause further pain and stasis of blood. Light active movements should be done frequently.

5. Surgery

If nothing helps with your disc bulge, you may require getting a surgery done. Usually, a part of vertebrae is removed to release pressure from the nerve root. It is the last option if the conservative treatment fails.

Bone health is very important to keep moving and living a healthy self-supported life. Do not ignore frequent and regular pain even if it is mild. During the initial stages, the pain can be managed easily using medications and exercise but once it is beyond control, it can cause discomfort and pain throughout your life.