Mind wellness helps patients as well as their families in understanding depression.

Don't say these 5 things to someone who is depressed

Here is a small list of DO NOTs for friends/relatives/co-workers of anyone who is depressed. Avoid these:

1. Asking them to FORGET about it:

A depressed person cringes when he hears from others: "You are fine. Just don't think about it". It is like asking a person with a broken foot to run and play football with it. Even if one tries, depressive thoughts will come to mind, as it is a neuro-chemical reaction and not one of will.

2. Drawing parallels with your own situation:

"I know exactly how you feel because (any random reason). But look at me, I used my WILLPOWER and POSITIVE mind set. I am fine. You should just do the same." 

If it worked for you, doesn't mean that it should work for everyone. Each individual is different and deals with problems differently.

3. Driving them away

"I am not going to be there for you during this time. You manage on your own." "This isn't what I signed up for."

These words should be avoided even in extreme rage or even as a reaction to what the depressed person says.

4. Stigma

Break the chain of stigma

"Are you Mad?" "Why are you behaving like a MENTAL case?"

Mental health is with everyone. Whether it is good or bad, is the big question. So when you use pejorative terms, an individual instantly feels a disconnect from you and loses hope to open up to anyone else.

5. Blame Game

Help someone who is depressed

"You are not depressed". You are just seeking attention". "You are doing all this deliberately " 

Perhaps the most hurtful words, which even drives people to suicide.