Most often, food fills the empty spaces that we have in our mind. When we are bored or when our mind is not occupied, the most easiest way to fill this void is through food.

So, why should boredom trigger someone to search or look for food? The answer is pretty simple. Food gives comfort, food gives warmth, food gives satisfaction and so, food becomes our forever boredom companion.

If this is true, it simply means that, if there is something else that can make us feel all these ways, like what food does to us, wouldn't it be easier to divert from looking for food?

Research indicates that simply by diverting our mind to be occupied with something else rather than leaving it empty can keep us away from binging due to boredom. Here are 5 things you can consider doing to divert from adding those unnecessary calories into the body.

1. Pick up a hobby: This is the topmost solution, as this is what makes us truly happy from within. We all are endowed with some talent which we almost forget as we grow old. If we pull ourselves back and make an attempt to get back to what we love or what we enjoyed as children, there are high chances that we will binge eat. Pick up anything that makes you happy - dance, music, art, books, knit, stitch, garden, Whatever it may be, just do it!!!

2. Stock healthy foods: There is a saying "if you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food". Most often we eat junk food because its available around us. So, if we really want to get away from binge eating, then we must take a look at the kitchen cupboards and fridge to remove all the unhealthy options and replace it with healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, dry fruits, seeds etc. Even if we eat them once in a white, at least we will be eating healthy.

3. Have a goal: When we have no direction in life, and stuck where we are, there are high chances that the mind is not working progressively leaving it blank. In such situations, its very easy to look for food as options because there is nothing else that you are focused on. Let's have a realistic goal, have our dreams, have deadlines, have a bucket list, have something that will keep us pumped up. We will see how miraculously we can get away from food for satisfaction.

4. Stay away from any negativity: Negativity can be through people, environment, situations, moods etc. The more negative we are, the more stressful we become, resulting in more emotional eating. In such situations, we end up looking at food for comfort. Cut off everything that drains you and keeps you stressed so that you do not need food to comfort you during stress. Rather, surround yourself with positive and health focused people, watch & read positive information and stay positive.

5. Look beyond food: As much as food is comforting and is a treat to our senses, we do not necessarily have to rely only on food to achieve this. We can always enjoy things like getting a makeover done, a foot massage, a walk in the garden, meeting old friends, talking to people whom you always wanted to, traveling, trekking, running, playing games with kids etc. All of these can provide literally the same amount of comfort and can also keep us away from the binge eating.

Boredom binging on junk options can be harmless if done once in a while, but when we do it repeatedly and consistently, we will only make way to many lifestyle disorders which can leave us extremely depressed. So, lets take charge and work around small lifestyle corrections to bring in maximum healthy and vitality.

Stay happy... Stay healthy!!!