Modern life is full of stress. Deadlines at work, things to do at home. We are forever involved in fixing things. No matter how much we fix, something new is always waiting to be resolved.

In the midst of all this, we forget to really enjoy the little things of life. Like really relaxing, with nothing to worry about. Or having a good laugh with family or friends. Or just doing something small and silly for the sake of doing it!

Being stress-free is a goal that can be achieved. Here are five things to do daily to be more at ease:

  • Let go. As we go on in life, we tend to accumulate lots of useless things. The most harmful of these are negative emotions, such as anger, resentments, envy and suspicion. We must learn to let go of these for the sake of our serenity. Letting go is a spiritual exercise and requires practice.
  • Stay active. Today’s lifestyle invites us to remain lazy – TV, couches, elevators, pick-up taxis, order-at-home meals. We must ensure that there is movement. Skip the lift and take the stairs. Walk whenever possible. On weekends, go to the neighborhood park for a stroll. Get a treadmill and use it.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid junk food and fizzy drinks. Reduce intake of sugar. Eat more veggies and fruits. And drink plenty of water. Remember, you are what you eat, so eat healthy.
  • Connect with friends and family. Emotional and social connections are good for our well-being. Exchange gifts, ideas, spend time with those you care for. Connections give us an opportunity to share our lives with others and that creates meaningful bonds that nurture our inner being.
  • Have some ‘me’ time. While staying connected with others is important, it is equally important to spend time with yourself, alone. Get to know yourself. Meditation is a good way to discover your inner self. If you are comfortable with yourself, you’ll be comfortable with others.

These are easy and really effective ways to bring some serenity into your life. If you are less stressed, you can spread cheer around you so that others love your company too!