People who have less hair on the head or in the hair falls out, they can easily get hair transplant Surgery. hair trasplant  is easy to get Due to the advancement of medical science . Today one can get Hair transplant surgery not only abroad but also also in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ludhiana comfortably. But it is very important to know the preliminary tips before hair transplant surgrey.

Take care of what ?


Clinic Selection:

If you are thinking of getting hair transplant you must note at this point that in which  clinics you will carry out this work done . Do not get hair transplant blindly by seeing any ad at internet  but be careful before getting hair transplant .

Doctor’s elections :

Keep in mind before hair transplant that who is the doctor ? Hair transplant specialist doctor or general doctor ?. Choose the best and well qualified doctors for hair transplant surgery because it can not be repeated. Look the before after results and testimonials on the website of the doctors while choosing right hair transplant surgeon.

Keep track of budgets:

keep in mind your budget. Indeed, to get hair transplant is very expensive, so be sure to ask before the full budget then take the next step towards hair transplant.

Information of Hair transplant techniques:

You should be aware about what techniques are being used for hair transplantation. However, new techniques for hair transplant Follicular unit extraction(FUE) and Bio fue  are used, because serious and critical situation can be easily handled with these techniques. also these techniques are scar free and pain less.

Requisite to know these things:

  1. Before surgery your hair should be washed twice a day, two times well. But be careful not to follow the process of hair spa before surgery.
  2. A week before hair transplant you should not take hard drugs or  any kind of antibiotics and aspirin But of you are  undergoing treatment for a serious illness, this should consult the doctor about the course.
  3. One week prior to surgery you should not take supplements ,alcohol, smoking and vitamin A, B, etc.
  4. After surgery, you will have to take good care of your hair. Vitamin, mineral and other nutrients will required. use  the shampoo suggested by doctor to wash hair.