World Health Organization (WHO) over half a century ago defined “HEALTH” as ; “A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We today are heading towards a healthy nation and lot of advances in medical field supporting this efforts.People are now coming forward to obtain information on various diseases and ways to tackle them.Initially doctors and society served as a useful source of information,but now technology is also playing equal role in answering variety of questions related to health.Diabetes,blood pressure and other physical illnesses are openly discussed and steps to control them are followed.However,this is not true for people with psychological problems.Stigma related to these problems prevents them from seeking proper guidance and suffering continues.Hence it is important that we start openly sharing our psychological problems too,so we could not only live a disease free but a better quality of life also.

Why one needs to “Understand symptoms of Mental Illness”?

1] Mind – body co-relation: Changes in mind e.g stress,does influence other body parts like skin, gastrointestinal system,cardiovascular system etc. When we don’t get good sleep, it does affect our appetite and digestion.

2] Outcome of other illnesses: The outcome of illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure is improved if a person is mentally healthy. Studies have found good glycemic control in patients treated for depression than those not treated.

3] Productivity at work: Improves your productivity at work & more stable social & occupational life.

4] Family stability: The family members living with mentally ill person are also affected by their illness. Early treatment prevents further worsening of symptoms.

5] Understand it as illness, eliminate stigma: It is an illness like any other illness in the body. It also needs intervention for a better quality of life.