Currently, 65 million people are living with asthma in India. Here is a 5 step plan to breathe better in Asthma:

Get moving

Whether you want to dance all night, score the winning goal or chase after the grandkids, don’t let your asthma stop you being physically active. If getting active causes asthma symptoms, tell your doctor so you can get the right treatment.

Eat well

A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and veggies (and not too many take-aways!) is good for your lungs as well as your waistline. There’s no need to avoid dairy foods unless you have a diagnosed dairy food allergy or intolerance.

Aim for a healthy body weight

Being overweight can make asthma harder to manage, plus lead to sleeping problems or reflux. If you are overweight, losing just 5 or 10kg could make you feel better and breathe more easily. 

Start by talking to your doctor

Speak up if you need to. Asthma can be harder to manage if you have depression or anxiety, and asthma can also affect your mental health. If your asthma is getting you down or you feel anxious, talk to your doctor. 

Go smoke-free

Smoking and asthma is a dangerous combination. Smoking or breathing in other people’s smoke damages your lungs and stops your asthma puffers working properly. 

Taking care of your asthma also involves: Seeing your doctor for regular asthma check-ups. Following an up-to-date written asthma action plan prepared with your doctor. Taking your preventer medicines regularly, as prescribed. Checking your inhaler technique with your pharmacist or practice nurse.