If you are in your 30s or know someone who is in their 30s, then it is important to understand that alkaline diet hams none and helps everyone without being a burden on the pocket. Dr Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for Cancer Discovery once said and I quote, " No Disease including Cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment".

Details of Alkaline Diet

1) Eat lots of greens

2) Drink lemon water in the morning

3) Go for a walk

4) Stop sugars

5) Stop processed foods

6) Decrease meat 

7) Increase vegetables & sprouts

8) Go For a Walk

9) Smile Often

5 rules/ tips to remember when you start an Alkaline Diet

1. When body uses up lots of energy to digest foods, the environment within each cell is acidic-

Heavy carbs are Maida, Noodles, Burgers, Pizzas, Bhature, Samose etc. Heavy proteins are Meats ,cooked by traditional ways like frying, grilling and roasting.

Simple meats like fish & Seafoods & Chicken can be marinated with curds/Papaya pulp, juice of lemon along with basic spices & Steam Cooked by Using Non Stick broad based pans with lids, to be cooked on low fire and not to be opened again and again to check, letting out the steam!

One can learn through experience about time taken to cook, let it settle within the steam in the pan after switching off the heat, garnish the dish, just before serving ( Marination time-about 2-3 hours & Cooking time-approximately an hour).

Similarly vegetables like Okra ( Bhindi) is full of nutrients which get killed due to frying with lots of fats and masalas in open pan which dries away nutrients.

2. Try cooking using Non Stick-Covered- Low fire mode

Bhindi has lots of water. Clean dry, cut in shapes, saute with minimum oil in nonstick heavy based pan with a lid. After sauting, add every masala to make it taste good, crispy and looking nowhere like a boiled vegetable to be served to patients at hospitals !

Cooking time with the lid on low fire- approximately is 15 minutes, let it set for another 15 minutes and make use of the remaining steam after switching off the fire. Garnish & serve.

Use same principle of cooking other vegetables like Cabbage, Capsicums, Cauliflower, etc.

3. Processed & Packaged foods have helped none, except the companies which manufacture them and lure our kids to eat them !

4. Walking is best exercise as it is Meditating too.

5. Smile often to keep Positive attitude to build Immunity.

Industrialisation has made people resort to easily available ready to cook foods which are bad for heart & do not lead to Heart Disease during age 30+.

Take Care of your Diet and the rest of your health will be taken care of automatically.