5 Reasons why Homeopathy should be the first choice of treatment for children

1. Safe Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are mainly prepared from herbs, vegetables, minerals and are administered in very minute dose. They do not produce any harmful effects on tiny tots. They do not produce any allergy or hamper digestion even if taken for longer duration.

2. Effective and Quick treatment

Contrary to the general misbelief, it actually provides quick relief in acute cases such as cough, cold, fever without causing any weakness. In chronic cases, we need to continue the treatment for longer duration.

3. Natural and Scientific

Homeopathy is based on Nature's law of cure - 'like cures like'. Positive results have been seen scientifically over and over again from Homeopathic treatment.

4. Builds Body Resistance

Recurrent infections like cough, cold, tonsillitis, diarrhoea can be controlled by Homeopathic medicine.

5. Children friendly

Homeopathic medicine being sweet, is taken with pleasure by children. It can be safely given to Neonates (i.e. newborn children) also.