My work always inspires me to write about allergies more and more. There are various reasons I can attribute this to. First and foremost, I myself have suffered from allergies for a good 20 years of my living life. Then I saw my children getting affected by it. Even my husband who is obviously not my blood relative also started complaining of respiratory allergies. And then there are friends and neighbors who keep coming up with similar issues. So basically my acquaintance with this monster called ‘Allergy’ spans over more than two decades.

I will start by stating that this monster can be tamed, with a little understanding, patience and precautions.

Let me enumerate 5 ways in which you can fight your allergies naturally -

  1. Precaution is the best cure. All people who suffer from any particular type of allergy come to identify, over a period of time, the source of their allergy. Here I would like to reiterate that allergy is not a disease but your body’s response to external stimuli. So why expose your body to stimuli in the first place? If you know that fumes cause you to sneeze or cough violently, wear a mask the moment you smell a fume. I have observed that people are generally reluctant to take the smallest of precautions that can go a long way in warding off allergens.
  2. Sense the symptoms coming. Human brains have powerhouse receptors. Your brain tells you everything about your body. It does not sleep even when you are sleeping and sends you signals even in your dreams. So listen to the signals your body sends to you constantly. An allergy will invariably be preceded by some tell-tale symptom like itching in the throat, or the eyes, some discomfort in the chest, slight heaviness in breathing, nose running or watery eyes and so on. So look out for the first symptoms your body sends out and act on it to contain the allergy there and then before it escalates.
  3. Suppressing an allergy can be disastrous. As I’ve mentioned again and again that allergy is not a disease, so don’t start taking medicine the moment you sense the first symptom. The medicine works to suppress the allergy, but this monster has other ways to get back at you. So if you have allergic symptoms in the respiratory tract, the medicine will suppress those symptoms there and manifest the allergy on the skin in the form of rashes or severe itching. In chronic cases, allergy shifts to the bones and joints and causes pain in the form of rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Lifestyle can make a world of difference. A good and healthy lifestyle can ensure that your body attains enough immunity to fight allergic symptoms. We all breathe the same air but only some people fall prey to allergies. The reason is simple - their body immunity is higher than the others. Body immunity is all about eating right, exercising regularly and sleeping well.
  5. Stress and allergies go hand in hand. We all know that the brain controls our body. A stressful brain tires out the natural healing mechanism of the body. The body puts up a fight against external and internal forces and in the process becomes hyper-sensitive to the environment around us. Thus begins the vicious circle of allergies.

To cut the long story short, allergies are avoidable and treatable! This monster can be crushed with physical and mental strength by enhancing immunity and warding away stress. You can increase your immunity and keep stress at bay without the side effects of any long term medication with salt therapy also. Salt therapy is a drug-free treatment to fight allergies and stress the natural way!