The season which sees the most attacks of mosquitoes is here. And with it, comes the spell of malaria. Delhi is one of the most affected states by Malaria. There are many reasons which lead to this, but we will hold the discussion for some other time.

Many people are apprehensive about using chemical based products or things to stay away from mosquitoes. That’s perfectly okay but only when it is ensured that you are strictly following the natural ways. To help you with it, here is a list of 5 natural ways to prevent Malaria in your home and surroundings:

  1. Mosquito Nets – The best way to keep your family safe from mosquitoes at night is to use mosquito nets over your beds. Not only does it ensure 100% protection but is also a chemical-free way to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  2. Close your windows after sunset – Mosquitoes enter your home mostly after sunset. So, make sure your windows are closed then. You can also consider getting nets made to fit your windows.
  3. Wear full clothes – Don’t yet jump into the summer clothes. Till the mosquito-based disease period is over, consider wearing light coloured full sleeves/legs clothes.
  4. Keep your surroundings clean – Keep your surroundings clean. Ensure your home is mopped every day with excess water around you treated at the earliest.
  5. Malaria repellent foods – Not exactly repellent, by some foods are known for their properties which helps your body cope with infections before it damages your immune system further. It includes lemonade, cinnamon powder, basil leaves, fenugreek seeds, garlic, grapefruit, etc. Include these foods in your diet.

But if you feel feverish and symptoms of malaria start showing up, do not depend on self-medication or natural ways. Consult your doctor at the earliest as it is difficult to know about mosquito-related diseases as the symptoms are similar. Only your doctor can judge well with help of medical reports.