Cough is a natural reflex action to throw out foreign body from lungs. Foreign bodies can be due to infections or pollution. Routine cough with fever does not need antibiotics.

Remember to get tested for TB if cough is not controlled by natural home remedies /anti allergy medicines.

Lungs take in Oxygen from air to give to entire body and give out carbon dioxide gas to be absorbed by plants who make food for us, helped by water and sunshine through Photosynthesis. Lungs have tiny pockets within them and some fluid so that the pockets do not rub against each other. If polluted air is inhaled, the mucous is generated more as a reflex action by body to throw away foreign particles along with excess mucous.

Here are 5 natural ways to cure a severe cough:

1) Inhale Steam - It helps breakdown particles of mucous, making it easier to expel out. Steam is antiseptic and kills the germs also. 

2) Honey with warm water - Honey is a moisturiser for skin, for food pipe and for the lining of respiratory pipe. It helps soothe down cough indirectly by supplying much needed Moisture to the lungs. There is no upper limit but people suffering from Diabetes have to be a bit more careful.

3) Lemon juice - Natural Vitamin C builds immunity to fight diseases. One can have Natural Vitamin C through other sources also, eg. Citrus fruits, Indian Gooseberry (Amla as raw) etc. 

4) Eat Very Light Food - A distended stomach puts extra load on digestive system and upwards towards the lungs, curbing freedom of oxygen to move freely. Avoid fats and spices and heavier proteins like Non Veg items which are cooked in our typical Indian way by frying, roasting with lots of fats and spices.

High Protein Diet Helps - Take diluted Toned Milk as beverage, boiled eggs, clear soups without cream or other add ons.

5) Mulethi - (Liquorice) is sold as sticks. One can chew like a Datun. It is sold as powder also. Use it in making tea along with ginger, black pepper with minimum sugar. Through this beverage made with toned milk, one gets benefits of condiments and simple proteins. Drink it along with plain fat free biscuits to make it a meal.

Other tips to deal with a bad cough:

  • Staying light helps to cut down bouts of dry cough.
  • Avoid outdoor pollution and indoor pollution. Keep homes clean.
  • Plant more trees on roads and decorate home with indoor plants like palms, Money plants, Snake plants which emit oxygen even during the night.
  • Make sure that the leaves of indoor plants are sparkling clean. Dusty leaves do not give us oxygen or grow big enough to look beautiful.
  • Oxygen Therapy is an important home remedy for dry cough.