Nature Cares like a mother. Make her angry and suffer the consequences.

Some traumas given to mother nature are Irreversible.

Mother Nature is willing to Forgive us but are we greedy humans worth her Forgiveness?

There is no greenery visible.

There are multiple buildings on small plots, resulting in tiny building materials ready to enter our delicate lungs.

The particles are so tiny that they are entrapped by humid air water vapors and we breathe in these vapors carrying fumes of vehicles, construction material, fumes of dry burnt leaves and other pollutants present in the air we breathe in. 

1) It is easier said than done about reducing pollution to reduce coughs naturally.

Cough is a reflex action and our body (lungs) are trying to evict the Invaders from their homes. And Cough can Get Violent too leading to body aches and Autoimmune diseases when our bodies are Angry with Self - Why Me & Cough?

Answer is not so simple to reduce pollution but This Is the Answer !

2) Drink Honey + warm water is best moisturizer, antiseptic and if mixed with juice of a fresh lemon, boosts the immunity to fight illnesses due to Vitamin C in natural form.

3) Steam inhalation - steam is again antiseptic (remember when disposables were not available, steam used to sterilize instruments of doctors).

It does not require equipment but a will power to inhale steam for just few minutes at the end of the day.

Equipment can be simple device used in parlors or a pan in which tea is being made. Just wrap a towel around face so that wastage of steam can be avoided and inhale deeply for few minutes

Be careful about changing temperatures from too hot to too cold. 

Means that No AC after steam inhalation.

4) Ginger - eat it raw, or boil it with water on slow heat and use the elixir for 24 hours in different forms of beverages made with toned milk, diluted with this concoction of ginger.

Simply grating ginger while making tea and boiling it for a few minutes does not give much benefits compared to concoction made with water + grated ginger (one L water + 100 gms of ginger grated well).

Ginger besides being cough suppressant is anti-oxidant too.

It means that impurities collected in blood after digestion of food are washed off well through natural sources.

5) Never eat foods leading to bloating /distension of abdomen.

Bloated abdomen puts pressure on lungs making coughing worse.

Eat light nourishment only, simple high protein diet along with simple carbohydrates and avoid trans fats and heavy fats through street foods, packaged and processed foods.