COUGH is basically the protective reflex which helps us to expel out the foreign body (minute like dust particles) from the body or any large food bolus in the mouth, or infection of any part of the respiratory tract.

 1. STEAM INHALATION is first thing which we do when we have cough, this is right to do but if it is done right way . steam always have to be taken from mouth , if person takes it from nose then it leads to worsening of the cough most of the time , the reason is simple that on steam inhalation nose mucosa produces mucus in excess when this excess mucus is trickled down into mouth from behind  it leads to irritation hence leads to cough.

2. GINGER- HONEY TEA this helps in soothing of throat and improves sore throat and cough.

3. AVOID taking spicy foods which irritates the throat and leads to cough.

4. AVOID taking salty food and salt water gargling  because it leads to dryness in the mouth , this indirectly leads to small cuts in throat from where bacteria gets excess to penetrate the body and leads to cough .

5. jaggery sucking also reduces the cough reflex