1. Watching television before bed - relaxes your body & mind you say? Wrong - television, video games, mobile use all stimulate our mind and kill our sleep. read a book instead. It doesn't bother you, you say? well, are you really going to wait for the storm to strike?

2. Stuffing yourself at Dinner to avoid night time cravings? Don't - make dinner your lightest meal of the day & sleep at least an hour after  a meal.

3. Sleep starving on weekdays & sleep binging on the weekends? Big NO - destroys the timing of your internal biological clock & the long term deficit adds up to cause greater difficulties over time in terms of mood, anxiety, headache, irritability, concentration and much more.

4. Can't fall asleep - "a spoonful of cough syrup or that anti-allergic or that pain killer should do the trick!" Really? nothing worse than self-medicating, whether over the counter drugs or  alcohol! Much effective & safer options available, consult a Psychiatrist now.

5. Daytime napping - double edged sword - works for some, not for others. If already in  sleep deficit at night, day time napping will make it worse. avoid naps; especially in the later half of the day.

"A stitch in time saves nine," they say!

So let's start now....