It is more than a month now most of us are working from home as a result of lockdown. Besides the problems related to uncertainty, insecurity one more biggest challenge we are facing is how to be self-motivated and finish the tasks without delay, isn't it? 

The to-do list is not enough to start working and finishing the task. The reminders on phone, motivating videos, discussion with friends, and few calls from the boss are yet another reminders for the pending work, it might create the guilt of not finishing the task but even this time the mind just take you to a self-blaming trip, it keeps finding new creative ways and the hypothetical plan to overcome the problematic procrastination but  soon enough you realize that you have spent the time again and the actual task is still pending in reality 

You feel helpless..... isn't it happening often? 

Sufficient time in hand, the comfort of working from home, less physical exhaustion is a perfect combination to work effectively but the key element is SELF REGULATION.

Self-regulation can be defined in simple words as the ability to guild the thoughts, feeling towards the desirable behaviors. Now this desirable behavior could be completing that file of work or doing exercise or just avoiding that cigarette while stressful moments. In other words your response to self and environmental demands with managing the disruptive emotional impulses. 

5 Keys to overcoming procrastination and being productive.

1. Just do it! : You need not be perfect all the time. Desire to finish the task perfectly can stop you from either starting that work or from giving the final desirable touch to the task. Just do it is the mantra you can always create the perfect version of it later but today just do it. even if it is not perfect it is perfectly ok to finish the task. The insistence of perfection can be the bigger reason to delay. 

2. Design Micro steps: Give very small instruction to yourself and stick to it. Every small step is nearing the final step of the task. Small instructions and small work at a time can help you focus at the same time it sounds easy and achievable. For example: Just open the report, just create the outline of what is needed, just draft the introduction, etc. Not each small task at a time is very much possible and many pieces of small work can reach the final step and the task is done in real-time. 

3. Your ability vs your mood: Even if you are not enjoying the task you still can do it. Most of the time you do your work on autopilot mode, regular work doesn't need any special attention. So your mood needs not to be cooperative all the time. 

4. Reason to start vs reason to stop: Mind can be manipulative, canning, and baffling many times. so when in dilemma just think of one reason to start the task rather than many reasons to delay. 

5. Cost of ignorance: Calculate the cost of ignorance when the though of procrastination comes in the mind. Each time you delay the desirable task it is not just responsible for an economic loss but it is also changing the self-esteem. take charge and if needed Fake it to make it. It works!