1. Talking about orgasm in girls, it has nothing to do with insertion. It is all about clitoral stimulation (the visible button-like portion is near the front junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the urethra is clitoris). The penis in the male is homologue (equivalent) to the clitoris in female and hence we can say it could help in same way bringing orgasm which normally lasts for 20 seconds, it feels different in different acts or by the ways one performs it. 

2. Although there are different ways in which some women can experience orgasm during kissing or exercising but the percentage is very low that is about 10%. Every woman can experience it through different ways. Some women achieve it on a treadmill while others can get it by just reading some intimate or adult stuff.

3. As the clitoris is full of nerve endings approximately 8000 and it is also a very sensitive part of the body, hence easier to achieve orgasm through it. Stretching your body in a certain manner during clitoral stimulation could be more helpful in the same or tightening some parts of the body makes it faster and easier.

4. The threshold for pain increases during orgasm. It can act as a painkiller in many ways. Therefore it is said if proper stimulation is given, the breaking of virginity does not remain that painful but being confident in oneself is also important during the whole thing. 

5. Not every woman orgasm in the same way, some women experience orgasm during childbirth or we can say just before the delivery of a child.