Asthma leads to coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing.It affects almost all the people of age but it generally starts in childhood.Moreover when it comes to festival such as Diwali, there are more chances of asthma to get worse if not taken precautions on time.

This time of the year, India shows spikes in its statistics with respiratory problems due to the combination of various factors such as change in weather, allergy etc.For those who have respiratory disorders, are the sufferers.So if you really want to enjoy this period of celebration, try to implement these guidelines in your routine

  1. Avoid places where there is lot of smoke and crackers burning.If you really want to go, then cover your face with handkerchief.

  2. Eat four to six times a day, but smaller meals. Consume home cooked meals, this will not worsen your problem.

  3. Don't forget to take medication on time. Also keep your inhalers handy if travelling.

  4. Throughout the day, keep on sipping lukewarm water. This will help in clearing pollutants from the body.

  5. Avoid alcohol and smoking. They are bad for asthmatic people and it is more dangerous during festive season like Diwali.

The most important tip for this festive season is to be happy and joyous. If your mind is happy and occupied, you will forget about asthma. So have a great time in Diwali, enjoy colours, lights and always remember prevention is better than cure. So stay fit and healthy.