Modern science has finally gotten around to agreeing to what our ancestors from have figured out centuries ago - that there’s something magical about the golden goodness made from cow's milk called Ghee.

Also known as clarified butter, ghee is formed by boiling down butter until the liquid evaporates and the milk solids sink to the bottom of the pan, leaving a concentrated residue of pure fats. However, like butter, it can be dangerous to your health if it's consumed in large quantities. But, if consumed in small quantities, it provides you with wonderful health benefits.

1. Boosts digestion 

Ghee is packed with fatty acid that which aids better digestion. It also heals the digestive tract and keeps it healthy.

2. Weight loss 

Ghee, like coconut oil, contains healthy fats that help you burn fat and lose weight.

3. Improves immunity

Including ghee in your daily diet promotes immunity.

4. Promotes flexibility

Long a favorite of yoga practitioners, ghee lubricates the connective tissues and promotes flexibility. Rich in Vitamin A, ghee also prevents muscular degeneration and cataract development.

5. Improves memory 

Ghee has been traditionally used to promote memory and intelligence. It is considered as a healing food that balances both body and mind.