As a Dentist, I always feel patients always approach a dentist at a very late stage that is when the tooth related problems are in a very advanced stage. So today I want to mention some early signs and symptoms which patient experiences. If these symptoms are diagnosed early, most tooth related problems can be resolved in the initial stage itself and without any suffering.

Be on the lookout for these 5 signs-

1. Look for early sign of bleeding from gums and bad odour from your mouth this might indicate start of periodontitis that is start of gum related problems

2. Sensitivity to cold might be the earliest sign it shows teeth itself is signaling start of a tooth cavity

3. sensitivity to sweet things like sugar syrups,candies,icecreams,shakes etc also signals start of a tooth cavity

4. Cheek biting that is if during eating or speaking if you feel that inner part of cheek is being bitten between the teeth it might be because of the wrong direction of eruption of wisdom tooth

5. Persistent food lodgement between teeth also signals beginning of cavities in the mouth