Is it possible to see a clear sky, mirror image in clean and clear water while doing exercises out in the open in a city like Delhi?

5 Core Exercises that anyone can do to start their fitness journey are:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Household work

Details and benefits of each will be shared later.

Let me narrate an incident.

Do not mind. It is in written in the first person as I want to share with others like the lady narrated to me in good faith. She said--

"I had heard a lot about ECP Therapy being popular in the USA and opted for the same as I had a complicated Bypass heart surgery 10 years ago, I suffer from COPD & my doctors was confused about the cause of my Breathlessness, being due to a Failing Heart or Malfunctioning of Lungs.

My ECHO at discharge showed 60% of heart function but Spirometry Report showed a very Bad status of Lungs.

ECP is being promoted as Reversal of Heart disease after surgery.

It is also being promoted as an Exercise for people who are unable to do so due to Lack of Gardens.

I had Googled it and was convinced that This was meant for me.

I decided to go for it just after an attack of DVT( deep vein thrombosis), swollen feet corrected at home with the help of crepe bandage and blood thinners are taken extra as I was already taking Aspirin & Turmeric.

I was made to sign on the form which clearly stated that persons suffering from Lung Diseases should not go for it.

Why did I sign on the dotted line?

Being a working woman, I was Not suffering from Senile changes but Psychological Impacts of Sufferings like having to take a bunch of medicines for multiple diseases with daily reminders and restrictions on foods of my choice had taken its toll or I needed a Miracle Cure?

Later on, I came to know that DVT is a Contraindication too for ECP therapy.

Each sitting of an hour is like running a Marathon on a daily basis for 35 days non stop!

I felt that my muscles were Marinated, Not with Curd/Vinegar/Papaya Pulp/Lemon Juice etc but with Cramps everywhere. Heart Function was reduced to 45% and lungs were same as per spirometry report. Creatinine levels were high, C-Kinase was high too indicating Damage to Muscles."

What is the prognosis for this case?

It was not difficult to make her understand that she needed Rest along with lots of Oxygen as Therapy.

And she had to continue other medicines prescribed to her for life and she had to come to terms with the Status of her Heart-Lung Unit.

After a year, Does She Feel Better?

Maybe Yes.

Lessons learned to be shared with others.

1) Do Not be a part of Rat Race.

2) Listen to your body language.

3) People who participate in Marathons are different from us, the ordinary folks.

4) Aerobic Exercises means that exercises are done in presence of lots of Oxygen. Make sure about the environmental Pollution. If levels are High, Do it indoors. Maybe This is the need of the hour.

5) Even Yoga needs the guidance of Experts. Every Exercise/ Asana is not meant for every person.

A word of caution to women-Jogging should not be done by women because of fear of Prolapse of tissues during Menopause which is part of an ageing process.

Simple things work out to be better than Complicated Machines.