• MYTH#1– Everyone who goes to a psychiatrist is MAD/INSANE/PAGAAL.

FACT- Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists are DOCTORS who specializes in mental health,including substance use disorders.

  • MYTH#2- A psychiatrist only TALKS. How is that treatment?

FACT- The great leaders of the world make big decisions by TALKing.

Talking is one of the tools that psychiatrists use to treat. In fact as a specialty, a psychiatrist is likely to give you far more time to Talk your heart out and unburden your mind.

  • MYTH#3- Psychiatrist will give me pills that will surely make me groggy and sleepy all the time.

FACT– As doctors we take oath to do the best for our patient. We never prescribe sleeping pills to those who don’t require it. It is true that a lot of medications have the side effects of making you slightly groggy, but these can be circumvented with small tips from the doctor.

  • MYTH#4- “Once on psychiatric medication, always on psychiatric medication.”

FACT– Suppose if you had Tuberculosis (T.B) tomorrow, would the doctor keep you on medication forever? NO. There is a specific course of treatment.

Similarly if you suffered from Diabetes or hypertension, there are more chances that you would be prescribed life long medications.

Psychiatric medications need to be prescribed for a stipulated period of time. The duration varies from case-to-case, based on many factors. Few chronic conditions may need treatment life long (just like diabetes or high B.P), but not all.

  • MYTH#5- “I stopped the medication and my problems came back. It’s the doctor’s fault as he/she has made me dependent on medicines.”

FACT– Suddenly breaking the car can lead to accidents, hence we avoid doing it.

Similarly, psychiatric medications are to be tapered or switched gradually which only a qualified psychiatrist can help you with. Managing your own medications and stopping them may cause this problem.

Dr.Era Dutta

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