Anything that is open to public discussion gets its share of myths and mysteries. A chronic disease like Asthma has long been a subject of debate and discussion and also several myths that people have created around it along the way.

Let me enumerate some of these myths for you:

1. My child who is suffering from asthma will outgrow it in his older years. 

This is both true and false. In about 50% of children, the ailment may become inactive in teenage years and symptoms of asthma may subside as they grow older. But symptoms may re-occur anytime during the adult years with or without exposure to any external triggers. The pattern remains largely unexplained. But increased body immunity does help in fighting asthma in both adults and kids alike. Proper treatment taken in the childhood years with decreased dependence on inhalers can go a long way in keeping your child asthma free once he grows up. 

2. Asthmatics have a low life expectancy.

This could not be anymore far from the truth. Asthmatics have the same life expectancy like any other normal person. What more can an asthmatic as for? All you have to do is to take great care of your health, never let your disease escalate (believe me it is possible) and with a few basic lifestyle changes you can outrun any normal person in the race for life.

3. Asthma can be fatal. 

This is not entire false yet not true. Fatality related to asthma in most cases is caused by severe lack of oxygen in the lungs. Also people who have not been taking proper medication or I would say who have been abusing medicines by over-use are more prone to such near-fatal conditions. At times like these quick medical aid with supply of oxygen can save a precious life. Basically your lungs should get the oxygen when they need it. Keeping your lungs clean with natural treatments can ensure that your lungs get the oxygen they need.

4. Asthmatics should not exercise.

With proper care and treatment, people with asthma can exercise normally and often vigorously. As long as their asthma is controlled, there is no reason children with asthma can’t be physically active. In fact, doctors encourage children to stay active to prevent obesity, which can trigger asthma and make symptoms worse. 

5. Asthmatics should move to dry climates.

Not true at all. No matter where you move, your asthma will move with you. New location might help for some time but it will have new asthma triggers and some triggers like dust mites are present everywhere. The solution is to enhance body immunity to fight allergens and not run away from them

6. You will surely ‘catch’ Asthma if someone in your family has it. 

Asthma is not contagious like common cold. You have a only - 6% chance of getting asthma if neither parent has it- 30% chance if one parent has it and - 70% chance of getting asthma if both parents have it. So the fight to keep asthma at bay is not lost even if both your parents suffer from it!

The best bet against asthma is to fight it from the root, by enhancing body immunity by cleansing your lungs so that more oxygen can be inhaled into the lungs.

By Anju Chandna Co-Founder SRT India – The Salt Room Therapy Chain
Salt therapy is a 100% natural drug-free treatment for all kinds of respiratory problems with no side effects.