Healthy glowing facial skin is everybody's big wish. Ayurveda and Yoga have excellent methods to achieve this naturally. It just takes few minutes a day to Practice these and attain healthy skin. These are cost free effective measures and can be tried by everyone. 

  • Plenty of timely fluid intake - Known as USHAHPAANA in Ayurveda which means drinking of fresh water early in the morning through mouth/nostrils. This is known to push toxins out of the body relieving body from the harmful effects of toxins. Scientifically it is proven that toxins are drained out of the body through sweat, urine & bowel. Once body is detoxed the skin gets the glow. Apart from this fresh fruit juices & other natural sources of fluids are appreciated.
  • Practice of Karela [bittergourd] juice intake every day - Bittergourd which acts as a rakta shodhaka [blood purifier] by its anti-bacterial action helps to flush out the free radicals out of the body thus keeping the skin clean and clear through internal detoxing.
  • Paste of turmeric - To be applied evenly onto the face and wash after 10-15 mins. This is a excellent anti bacterial agent that will prevent the pimples and blemishes eventually promoting the glow. It has the cleansing and toning action on the skin. It also checks the recurrence rate of pimples. 
  • Pranayama - Involves deep inhalation and exhalation with concentration. Can be practiced any time in a day. Anulom vilom  pranayama is a simple technique which can be learnt by own and can be practiced for around 5 mins a day early in the morning. This is a multi fold benefit regime one can ever practice.