In our day to day busy lives, we often suffer from so many physical discomforts that we choose to ignore most of them. But do you know so many of these problems arise from abnormal blood pressure?

So, how do we make sure that our blood pressure is normal? Specialists from Bansal Global Hospital have some tips for you in order to keep your bodies healthy and immune from problems related to blood pressure.

1. Physical activity

Physical activity plays a very important role in keeping your heart healthy. Inactivity reduces circulation which further leads to stagnation of cholesterol or plaque in the artery and resulting in its narrowing. This narrowing of arteries results in increased pressure on arterial wall.

Therefore, it becomes really important to keep your body moving. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, extract some time out of your schedule for regular exercise. Because no matter how important your work is, your health is always a priority!

2. Optimum sodium intake

Sodium is known to increase blood pressure. Many foods are known to have high sodium content which decreases the efficiency of the kidney to remove water and it increases blood pressure. On the other hand, insufficient intake can lead to a lower blood pressure resulting in lethargy and weakness. Keep a check on your sodium intake that you aren’t taking too much or too little of it.

3. Avoid junk food

Junk foods are high in cholesterol, sugar, and sodium which are the major contributing factors in increased blood pressure. If we stop consuming junk food on a regular basis, much of the workload on the heart is reduced ensuring a healthier heart and happier body.

4. Avoid stress

When our body is under stress, our heart starts beating faster, and our blood vessels become narrow which brings about changes in the blood pressure. Some hormones are also produced in the body which further increase the blood pressure under stressful conditions.

Though the steps might seem to be difficult given your current lifestyle, once you start adopting them one by one, it will be effortless.

If you already suffer from hypertension or low blood pressure, the above points might not be enough to control it. In that case, consulting a specialist gets really important.