Knee pain can be extremely disabling and during winters, it gets even more unbearable. Most of the geriatric population complains of increased pain and stiffness in cold weather. Here are few simple tips on how to control knee pain in winters and enjoy the weather instead:

  • Hot pack

Applying hot pack on knees help in relieving pain by increasing blood circulation in the area. Increased blood circulation promotes healing of overstressed tissues and loosens the stretched structures. Applying hot water pack 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes can help immensely in getting rid of the pain.

  • Exercise

Pain is commonly associated with weakness of muscles in knee joints. Symptoms include faster fatigue and pain after slight exertion. Morning walks and exercises like mini squats and quadriceps strengthening exercises can prove to be beneficial for knee pain. Mild exercises also help to flush out toxins like lactic acid from muscles.

  • Change posture frequently

Winters are more about a sedentary life, where we avoid moving about much. Sitting in the same position for a longer duration of time can cause knee pain. In order to avoid that, frequently move your joints and prevent adhesion of joint surfaces.

  • Massage

Massage with hot oil can help in lengthening the soft tissue around the joint and improve circulation within the articulating surface. Massage also helps in breaking adhesions of joint surfaces and makes movements less painful.

If pain persists, take expert advice before it worsens. You can book an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon.