Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of joint in this joint cartilages start getting degenerate and cause pain and stiffness.Early physiotherapy and nutrition counselling help patients to manage and prevent osteoarthritis, here are the few tips to prevent osteoarthritis and early degeneration. 

1. Do Stretching and Strengthening exercise daily: Muscle stiffness is the one of the major cause of early joint degeneration, if any joint is more in a single position for long, e.g. in case of prolonged sitting hip and knee joints are in flexion for long it cause joint stiffness and muscle tightness, due to the biofeedback of no work and static posture that part get degeneration, its nature rule something not in use get rusted or wasted.

2.Eat Balance diet: Nutrition can cure and prevent more then 80% of disorders, osteoarthritis is also one of them. Eat a balance diet to stay healthy, Body need everything including Carbs, Proteins, Minerals & vitamins. Balance diet contain good amount of antioxidants to prevent degeneration. Dry fruits, Fruits & Vegetables are important to have on daily bases.   

3. Drink water through out the day: water is the best drink for arthritis patients, water play major role in joint health, body should be dehydrated to maintain electrolyte balance and good cellular health. Always drink water throughout the day instead of at one time in large amount. Appreciable amount of water a patient drink in whole day is 2-3 litter. 

4. Sleep is important never compromise on it:  I always insist on good sleep, sound and enough sleep help to stay healthy, keeps you fresh, active and alert whole day. Sleep is important for rejuvenation every day so don't compromise your sleep for work or any other thing, nothing is important then it after whole long day spent in work. organise yourself, learn time management so you will be able to sleep peacefully. 

If you are suffering of osteoarthritis, and looking for help call to consult, Physiotherapy and Nutrition therapy play very effective role in it, but it depends upon the condition of the patient and stages of degeneration.