Ayurveda, the science of life has natural herbal products to heal your skin. Right now the weather is quite hot, humid & dusty, the humidity level in the air is quite high which makes our skin sticky and oily.

There are certain herbs in Ayurveda which can regulate the proportion of oil in the skin thus making it look more healthy, apart from this the herbs has a detoxifying effect on the skin.

  1. If you are looking for a particular cleanser or a face wash then you can use a mint fortified one, mint is extremely good for the skin, it has a cooling, constricting effect on the skin, antiseptic and antibacterial effect, removes the excess oil and impurities from the skin.
  2. After cleansing your face it's ideally recommended to scrub it at least once twice in a week. The scrub should be a blend of papaya & pineapple, which contains enzymes like papain and bromelain which exfoliates the skin thus sloughing of the dead cells. A little bit of steam should help to activate these enzymes.
  3. Always apply a mask to complete the cleansing ritual the mask basically can be made with haridra, clay or sandalwood powder. Haridra is extremely detoxifying and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant as well as a strong lightening agent. Sandalwood is good for oily skin, again a good antioxidant, lightening and anti-ageing agent.

Try these beauty regimens in your home and maintain a healthy flawless skin through our age old science of Ayurveda without any side effect or sensitization of the skin.