1. Use protection - Prevention is always better than cure

  • Indian social scenario is changing - Pre- marital, extramarital and living in relationships are on a rise
  • At times these relationships are casual and will lead to unwanted pregnancy
  • At the end of it, it is the female's body which will bear the brunt of physical discomfort of abortion
  • There are many myths in people's minds regarding use of regular contraceptive methods like oral contraceptive pills, condoms or Copper - T
  • Whether a couple is married or unmarried when these regular contraceptive methods are used, unwanted pregnancy can be avoided
  • A consultation with the Gynaecologist for check up and to understand their correct use is a must and will allay your anxieties and concernsA word of caution here about Emergency Contraceptive Pill 
  • It is clear that these pills are for emergency situations
  • Couples in steady relationship should adopt regular contraceptive method
  • These emergency pills have very high content of hormones
  • Using them can make your next menses irregular, delayed and heavy
  • They should be taken ONLY on advice of a Gynaecologist

2. Be alert - For early diagnosis of unwanted pregnancy

  • As soon as you have missed your periods, check yourself for pregnancy
  • Easiest method is to do a urine pregnancy test done at home in a kit easily available at Chemist
  • The instructions to do the tests are also clearly written on packet 
  • Advanced tests for diagnosis of pregnancy can be done on your Gynaecologist 's advice like a test in blood known as Serum Beta HCG and sonography

3. Timely treatment - See a Gynaecologist at earliest

  • When we talk about unwanted pregnancy, it is clear that couple wants termination
  • Government of India has made guidelines to offer safe abortion to all who seek it, regardless of marital status
  • There are two ways of undergoing abortion:A. Surgical D&C - This is traditional way and will require a day's time hospitalization.- If done in Govt approved MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) center, it is safe B. Abortion by pills- If clinical situation is of early pregnancy and within the limit set by Govt of India, oral abortion pills  can be taken on advice of a Gynaecologist- There are no risks of anesthesia and surgical instrumentation in this method and no hospitalization is required