Anxiety is futuristic. It is a fear or anticipation of a negative or an unwanted outcome or happening. Accept that the outcome of an action or life events are not in your hand! Just let go of your psychological struggle of evading the negative outcome! That is causing this sweating and the altered pulse rate... Be conscious of the fact that how fear has constricted and closed you!

2.Build  trust.

Anxiety is an imagined unpleasant future incident, which may or may not happen...but surely is crippling you NOW.

Be aware that this imagination is causing the body to release stress hormones like cortisone even when there is none! Even when there is an unfavorable event, do not put a full stop! The river always flows, if there is a huge rock...it either passes through it or diverts across it. 


Trust destiny, it will take you where it intends to!

3. Stop mentally running after the cure.

Anxiety is the product of faulty thought pattern. It tells you that something bad may happen, it also tells you to run, run to pursue a non-anxiety state!

It's a vicious circle. Just stop!! Be with what you are and do not wrestle (psychologically) to fly to the opposite state, this is what is giving momentum to your anxiety.

If you have patience. THIS TOO WILL PASS!