Sex has always been something that is based on multiple factors, like ambience, partner, fitness, emotional connect and even mutual understanding. All these factors combine to give you the experience of a life-time. However, we can safely say that being fit and in great shape is an added advantage, for scientists have proved time and again, that your body plays the major role when you want sex to its fullest.

The following are some of the reasons that will make you head to gym just before you head to your next sexual rendezvous: 

The awesome three!

Exercise and sex makes a good sense. The reason is- fitness actually revolves around three things: endurance, muscle strengthening and flexibility. And if you are in shape, you have all three of them in tons. Not to mention for fitness lovers, also you reduce the risk of injury while doing sex. (muscle cramps).Read more information about 5 exercises that you must do.

More muscle, more testosterone better sexual activity

The hormone, testosterone in men is responsible for making you attractive as a sexual partner. It also makes you appear manly. Have you ever thought, why men get attracted to women with great butt?Get more information on 3 exercises for great butt. Sure it’s attractive, but our brain is wired to select people with attractive qualities, mainly because, somewhere, we think of having babies who would be born with best of features. Same goes with women, why women are attracted to men with well- developed shoulders? Her brain at primal level suggests that a well-toned man can not only just protect her but also produce semen which is fertile, making him the perfect choice for sex. 

Fitter people looks way better

In a recent study, women were shown photos of men and were asked to rate them based on their attractiveness. It was found that the highest rated men also had the highest testosterone levels. So even if you’re in steady relationship, chances of entering into good sex life you are at the edge of fitness.

So get going with the push ups and be best on bed!!!