Days turn into weeks and you can do everything except sleep! Isn't it? With a crazy lifestyle that we have, it has become just about normal, to lose our sleep over anything and everything.Before we know it, it turns into a routine affair. One day turns into days and then weeks and our; good night's sleep is eaten away by thoughts, images, events, dilemmas, self-doubt and worry. Gradually, we find ourselves getting more and more into a cycle of anxiety and depression.

Just like the idea of switching off our phones for a while seems like a ridiculous thought; the idea of shutting off the mind for a while feels the same.

But if we know that we must sleep for at least 6-7 hours every night, why can't we do it?

Here's why:

  • We don't know how to take a break! 

Rather, we don't know what a break means.It's not just about taking time off for a holiday or vacation; it's about taking time off from the routine affairs of life. If the situation demands us to choose between what we want to do and what we should do, we would always go for the former. Why? Heavens will not fall, if we skip some routine activities. Because we don't skip some activities, the mind forgets to differentiate between the important and the not-so-important. Therefore, it becomes a magnet which keeps attracting all kinds of thoughts. Hence, you are up all night thinking about random things.

  • Plan before you go off to sleep, not during!

Yes,planning is boring. It's geeky, time consuming and many more things. But what it also is-a helping hand for uncertain situations. We can't plan everything in life and we don't need to plan everything in life. But for the things that we can, it's always smarter to do it in advance so that you can go off to bed comfortably and not worry about what will happen, how will it happen, what will you do etc. Once you know, you have done all that you could, it would take a load off your mind!

  • Not addressing emotional concerns

We all go through anxiety, low moods, anger, irritation etc. We all can handle a certain amount of emotional turmoil. But if the mood states persist for a longer duration and start interfering in other areas of life, they are bound to impact the body's normal functioning as well. Thus, affecting appetite and sleep. Therefore, it's important to talk it out and deal with the emotions instead of deferring them. You can talk to people close to you or you can even seek professional help.

  • We don't know how to relax!

Learning how to relax is important. It's important to indulge in activities that keep us closer to ourselves. Pursuing any hobby, socializing, learning relaxation techniques is as important as holding a job, earning money, managing the house, kids, studies etc.

The more we progress in life, the less attention we pay to our own biological and natural needs. Since we can't sleep, we might as well wake up and do something that can out us back to sleep!

Sleep well. Stay healthy. Feel good!