Every time climate changes, our body goes through bad Flu. It is the most common and disturbing health problem which occurs frequently.

If you are fed up with taking medicines, try these quick and easy tips for cold and cough cure:

1. Drink hot liquids

Sipping hot liquids relieves nasal congestion, you can always sip something warm while you are going through bad flu. Maybe warm water/ clear soups.

2. Gargle

Doing gargles can moist your sore throat and will give you temporary relief. You can gargle 2 times in a day. Use salt/turmeric in warm water to decrease the soreness of the throat.

3. Take rest

Resting when you are down with cold and cough, will redirect your remaining energy towards the immune battle. We take flu very casually, it's better to always take a day off from work and rest to minimize its effect.