"The quality of life depends on the quality of questions you ask" Tony Robins

Even if this feels like an exaggerated view but questions definitely change thinking. Questions contribute in the way we think, behave and feel. This contribution of questions is immense and needs attention. I am not the first one to write about questions, they have been here and they will stay. There has been a research on many aspects of questions and forms. One of my area of interest and expertise is Socratic questioning. But today let's look at 3 different questions that will compel us to reflect. Reflect on our thinking and in turn, change our perception.

Q1. What's the "one" thing that will make all the difference?"

If you try and chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one." Russian proverb

The Pareto principle says "20% of your effort gives you 80% of results" This proportion might be different more or less for everyone. The fact still remains that some factors that we work on give us more results. More results than the mountains we move in other futile areas. Sometimes even in therapy or life, we struggle with 80% and not with the 20% that requires our attention. Make a list of one thing in every area you want results. A thing that can change every area like 20% efforts on diet will give you 80% of results in health. Find out that 20% in every area by asking yourself "what's that one thing that will change rest others?"

Q2. What will leverage my idea other than money?

"When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results." Warren Buffett

Money is very important need to get it flowing. Many times we feel for all our ideas to happen or go live we need a certain amount to get it up and running. Maybe that is true in some cases but not every time. To leverage your idea you may need another person. A person who knows how to execute it. Recently I was in shambles as I lost my assignment of consultation to a company. What helped me sustain was leverage with another person. He helped me get through with finances and launching my idea on a bigger platform. Questioning helped and it always helps. Even if it's not easy as it seems but the recurring question that helped me was "What will leverage my idea?"

Q3. Is this Thinking/ Action contributing to my larger vision?

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." Johan Goethe

Everyone has ideas and visions and everyone has petty things to handle. Life does its job by giving you lame hurdles. We get so busy with the crocodile that we forget our intention to get in the swamp was to clean it. This question keeps me focused on my vision and my current action. So when life throws hurdles the best way is to entertain those hurdles and not get entertained by them. Ensure that they get busy with themselves and you with your vision. My strategy when my thinking goes off track I ask "Is this thought/ action contributing to my vision or goal?"

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