Cold and Flu are Not seasonal illnesses. In Delhi the Humidity levels are almost 100%,means water vapors which are not visible to our eyes but air is full of them and these vapors entrap germs of flu & other illnesses, allergy causing elements like pollen,dust, paints,building material,fumes emitted by vehicles, smoke through burning of dry leaves and doing cooking using wood as a fuel.

Cold is Synonymous with Alllergies & Flu is Synonymous with Viral Infections & Both of these Respiratory Diseases require No Antibiotics.

Tip No. 1

  • Eat a high protein diet to build immunity to fight any disease. Some people feel Curd is bad during Cold & running nose will take its own time. Wrong. Curd is simple Digestible protein & has No relation to making running nose worse than before.
  • Milk is another simple protein to be digested by people of all age groups.
  • Steaming hot soups like clear chicken soup helps & for vegetarians the alternative is Lentil /Chickpea/Mushroom soups.
  • Avoid fats and foods causing distension as lungs get 'depressed' due to pressure on diaphragm-the separating thick lining between abdomen and chest.
  • Ginger& Haldi are like sisters. Grind a piece of each and make a concoction by boiling with water plus some milk and drink it as beverage ,making tea/coffee/health drink with proteins but no steroids. Ginger & Haldi do wonders for boosting Immunity.
  • Take Honey with warm water as many times as possible provided sugar levels are within the range.But Never use Honey with Boiling water or milk.
  • People are divided about fresh lemon juice or taking other citrus fruits during cold. These are rich in Vitamin C and does No Harm during Cold or Flu.

Tip No. 2


Use a simple device used in beauty parlors. Keep it on table and inhale steam the easy way without bothering about going to the kitchen & heating water. Steam acts as sterilizer , removes and kills the germs, clears the blocked passages & helps breathe better. But No outside exposure after getting steam for just 5 minutes & No exposure to AC or sudden variations in temperatures.

Tip No. 3

Use of simple anti allergic tablets like Chlorpheniramine Malleate. CPM as this tablet is known as is harmless, can be given to juniors / seniors/ pregnant or lactating women but Stay Away from Newer forms of anti allergic tablets which are expensive and our ready to earn friendly chemist does make people buy them and never keeps CPM tablets (Ask for Phenargan tablets instead) Only side effect is sedation. Do not drive or go to kitchen in a drowsy condition for an hour after taking a tablet but One Tablet at bed time is a Must.

I cannot suggest anyone to stay indoors because of rising pollution levels which will become worse after festivals and during winters, low temperature does not let pollutants go upwards, they remain near our surroundings. Grow green plants within home, stay indoors after remaining outside for Important work . Take rest for 3 days for complete recovery from Flu/ Cold .Let it not get aggravated.