Here are 3 Desirable and Problematic Points While Choosing a Shoe:


  • Desirable: when you attempt to bend the shoe, it should “give” at the ball of the foot to provide smooth rollover. When the shoe is on, you should be able to scrunch, extend, and wiggle your toes.     
  • Problematic: if the shoe is too rigid, it will not “give” when you try to bend it; this certainly can be uncomfortable. Also, constantly wearing tight, inflexible shoes can “retard” a foot- the foot doesn’t have a chance to respond to the ground because the shoe won’t let it.If the shoe is too flimsy, it will collapse in various areas along the sole, or it will twist, allowing problem foot positions. If worn consistently, flimsy shoes allow your foot to “collapse” easier, perhaps leading to fallen arches.

B. INSOLE: on the inside of the shoe, this is the material on the flat foot surface that goes from the heel to the toes.

  • Desirable: the insole should provide comfortable support to the heel and the arch on the inside of the foot. As you run your finger over this area on the inside of the shoe, you should feel a rise in the contour of the material that matches the height of your own arch. The cushioning should extend from the heel at least to the ball of the foot.
  • Problematic: if there is no stable build-up of material in the arch area, it will be easy to push the material of the shoe over the side. This may occur as you walk, allowing the foot to flatten out. Combining flat, hard insoles with dense heels can add painful compression to the leg and spine.

C. TOE BOX: this is the area that surrounds the toes from the bottom to the top on the inside of the shoe.

  • Desirable: the toe box should allow adequate height and width so that the toes can be wiggled, scrunched, and raised slightly. The walls of the toe box should be close enough to the foot to keep the foot from sliding around.
  • Problematic: shoes that “bind” the foot and toes belong to another culture and time. Your toes should not be scrunched pinched, or cramped. You should not feel the topside of your toes hitting the roof of the toe box.