Rabies is a fatal Viral disease transmitted by saliva of mammals including pet dogs,cats,cattle who are Not vaccinated for Rabies and Stray animals like dogs,cats & others like monkeys.

It is not transmitted through birds or reptiles. Some scientists tried to transfer virus to birds but Birds got no symptoms and lived after getting the germs, something which is not yet possible in infected human/ dog. 

Once bitten by a domesticated animal, one needs to get vaccination ASAP and follow the schedule for 10 days at least. If the animal lives beyond 10 days , does not show any symptoms , one can be free from anxiety of getting this Fatal Illness which has got No Treatment Yet.

Only Mantra is Prevention.

Stray dogs and other animals like monkeys or stray cattle cannot be observed for 10 days.If bitten by them-Complete the schedule of vaccination for 3 months.

Vaccine is expensive and our Government cannot meet the demands of every person bitten by stray dogs.

Yes it is available at certain Government hospitals in every city.

Why not be Cautious about stray animals ?

Vaccine was made available more than 100 years ago by scientist- Louis Pasteur who told the world about process named after him-Pasteurization meaning fighting against bacteria and other germs present in food. 

Milk is Pasteurized and can be taken straight from the pack.

Once bitten by animal , wash the wound with soap and water. No stitching should be done as wounds are superficial.

The disease causes inflammation of brain leading to hallucinations, confusion,violent movements,inability to move,fear of water( hydrophobia) & loss of consciousness leading to Coma and  ....It is a Painful Death.

25,000- 60,000 deaths are reported from all over the world due to rabies.

Incubation period can range from 1-3 months.

Human to human Transmission is Rare.

Do Not be an animal lover at cost of Humans. If you love dogs, get them vaccinated as scheduled.

Do Not Feed Stray Dogs on the roads. If you love stray animals, bring them home & keep them under  your care and supervision.

Killing Stray Dogs has become an emotional issue on FB & on Social Media. People are displaying pictures of dogs killed to save humans , only to get nasty comments in return.

We are mature humans who can take decisions about looking after strays in a friendly way or to feed them on the road, only to forget about them after packets of Biscuits/ Milk is Fed to animals on the roads till next day morning,to cause trauma to innumerable Humans passing by the same road during the day.