Lets begin with a small slogan to remember 

 "LETS BE A TORTOISE AND NOT THE HARE". As we say, Slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race. That's the magic mantra for Weight Loss too.

Our inner body doesn't adjust with the current lifestyle most of us lead. It is very simple and cannot imbibe complicated and complex scenarios with ease. Your Thyroid is giving you warning signals that the quality of your nutrition, stress levels, immunity, circulation, emotional health, and environment need to be assessed and addressed. Thus, a wholistic approach only helps. Power to naturally heal a disease is within every human body. Popping a pill gives you support only for the time being or for that particular day. The next time you don’t take medicines, it just reappears. So choose what is healthy and permanent

What is "Ideal" Weight Loss? Are we on the right track?

  1. It should help you get rid of maximum deficiencies in your body and increase your metabolism.
  2. Focused on Fat reduction, than weight reduction.
  3. Visceral fat reduction
  4. Muscle mass should increase. You can understand this from your increased energy levels.
  5. No Medicines.
  6. No meal replacements. 
  7. Non-surgical.
  8. No rigorous exercises - a specific pattern of exercise is recommended for each individual, which could vary basis the person’s body requirements. Excess exercise will never help for weight reduction.Eg: Mr. A - does workout 6 hours a day for 6 months, tried to do weight lifting and increase weights, but he could never achieve his demand .Mr. B-  workout 45 mins effectively with proper direction on fitness and diet . He could increase weights with a good progress. This effectively says diet and fitness goes hand in hand .A proper Nutritional Counselling and proper exercise regimen are the key.
  9. Coaching is much required during the diet planning.
  10. Choosing a step-by-step guide to help get you on the road to weight loss and better health.
  11. Improvement in mood and state of well being
  12. Good Inch Loss, which means you start fitting back into your old dresses!
  13. Increased energy levels and feel stronger.
  14. More muscle strength.  
  15. Reduction in craving for junk foods and sweets.
  16. No immediate weight gain.
  17. Being nutritionally complete.
  18. Feeling satisfied after eating.
  19. Can go a long time without eating or being hungry, if unavoidable.
  20. Help prevent common health concerns, like heart disease and Diabetes.
  21. Be safe and pose no long-term health risks. 
  22. Abnormal blood reports like High Triglycerides, TSH variation, HbA1C values should be back to normal or close to normalcy. (Takes time to reflect in your blood report. Do not expect immediate results).

Role of supplements: Only in case of extensive deficiency or for supporting hormones.

Simple Mantra's to make you healthy:

  1. Enjoy your food and eat slow.
  2. Avoid TV time while eating.
  3. Be careful of  "S "S- Sleep disturbance or irregular sleep managementS- Sedentary Lifestyles- Stress- Sugar- Starch.
  4. Never wake up with a tea or coffee. Alway start your day with a glass of warm water.
  5. Maintain squatting posture to attend 'nature's call'.
  6. Eat local and seasonal food.
  7. Brewed tea or filter coffee is a better option . Avoid boiling further both of them. It will lose all its nutrients. Never ever replace meal with tea.
  8. Avoid microwave heating- food loses its nutrition.
  9. Make this your best friend - Best sweetest thing - SLEEP. Proper sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours and if possible a nap of 20mins between 1pm to 3pm.
  10. Avoid plastic lunch boxes/ water bottles, even to your kids. Use steel/ copper.
  11. Make food only in Iron vessels. Remove non-sticks / aluminium from kitchen. 
  12. Include salads before meals.
  13. Replace carbonated drinks with fresh juices / buttermilks.
  14. Follow your religious fasting or weekly fasting occasionally.
  15. Never go behind crash diet.
  16. Play and enjoy game with your good friends weekly once- some interesting physical activity.
  17. Yoga or meditation or any method which would relax your properly. Do on empty stomach if possible.
  18. Eat more when lore active and less while less active.
  19. Finish meal 2 hours prior to sleep time.
  20. Include nuts and omega 3 rich food daily in your diet. 

Measure Yourself

Waist Hip Ratio . Can check internet to understand how to measure . Measuring tape required .
Can be measured only with fat scan analyser 
Only with Fat Analyser machine 
Only with Fat Analyser machine 
Tummy Inches - Measured using calliper