1. The man should always be the sexual leader....MYTH
  2. A woman should not initiate sex....MYTH
  3. Men should not express their emotions....MYTH
  4. A woman should always have sex when her partner makes sexual approaches....MYTH
  5. All physical contact must lead to sex....MYTH
  6. Good sex leads to a wild orgasm....MYTH
  7. A man feels like sex at any time....MYTH
  8. Sex equals intercourse....MYTH
  9. Sex happens automatically....MYTH
  10. A 'respectable' woman should not enjoy sex too much and should certainly never masturbate....MYTH
  11. All other couples have sex several times a week; have orgasm every time they have sex & orgasm simultaneously....MYTH
  12. There must be something wrong with the relationship if sex is not good....MYTH
  13. Semen is formed from blood and loss of it will lead to weakness....MYTH
  14. Masturbation is wrong and leads to mental illness, physical weakness and decreases potency....MYTH
  15. Muscular men can perform better than averagely built man....MYTH (what matters is the motivation and proper knowledge about sex.)
  16. Size of the penis(preoccupation with the fact that larger penis are more effective)....MYTH
  17. Circumcision is helpful in prolonging coitus by delaying the ejaculation time....MYTH
  18. Bending of penis affects intercourse....MYTH (slight curvature of the shaft of penis is perfectly normal and does not harm the sexual intercourse)
  19. Vasectomy or tubectomy decreases sexual potency....MYTH
  20. Drugs enhance sexual potency....MYTH ( alcohol, opioids or other drugs temporarily increase a men's sexual desire, but they definitely decrease the sexual performance)