If you're also the one who has been dieting since forever and yet the weighing scale hasn't budged a bit, we've got the perfect solution for you.

There are certain foods that have a high thermogenic effect, which means they help you reduce those stubborn kilos once it enters your mouth. So stock your kitchen with these amazing foods:

1. Green Tea:

Make green tea your drink of choice. Having a green tea 3-5 times a day can burn up to 80 extra calories without any effort.

2. Coffee:

The caffeine kicks your metabolism into high gear. Caffeine also jump-starts lipolysis, the breakdown of fat. One to two cups a day is ideal.

3. Almonds:

Even though they’re high in fats, studies have shown that people with almonds in their diet have lost more pounds than people who dint. This is because, these brown nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients like fibre, proteins, B2, etc. They give higher satiety and prevents you from binging in the next meal. 

4. Flaxseed:

These shiny, nutty-tasting seeds have a secret weight loss weapon, compounds called lignans. Try grinding and adding a tablespoon of flaxseed each day to cereals, yoghurt, or salad dressing. 

5. Garlic:

Alicin, a component of garlic, does a great job helping to flush fat from the body.

6. Chilli Peppers:

They increase your body temperature and speed up your metabolism. 

7. Ginger:

Ginger is used for centuries to help relieve digestive upset. It improves digestion and helps you lose belly fat.

8. Onions:

Flavorful, aromatic and low in calories, onions deserve a regular place in your diet. They control cholesterol, thin the blood, protect against cholesterol. 

9. Carrot:

A medium-sized carrot carries about only 55 calories and is a nutritional powerhouse.  

10. Spinach: 

Popeye really knew what he was talking about. Spinach has the ability to lower cholesterol, rev up the metabolism and burn away fat.

11. Lemons:

Lemons are excellent liver detoxifiers. Maintaining the health of the liver is also imperative to the body’s ability to digest and burn fat. 

12. Brown rice:

Brown rice is a smart fat-loss food. It is packed with fibre, starchy carbohydrate and essential nutrients.

13. Cabbage

There are only 33 calories in a cup of cooked shredded cabbage, and it retains all its nutritional goodness even after cooking.

14. Indian Dal (Lentils)

Protein helps you build muscles and boost your metabolism. Protein rich foods have a high thermogenic effect. 100 grams of lentils contain 26 grams of protein. A bowl of Indian dal is an excellent source of protein. 

15. Whey protein:

30 grams of whey protein serving contains 23 grams of protein with just 120 calories. It is a low-calorie high in protein food.

16. Isabgol:

1-3 teaspoons of Isabgol with a glass of water before dinner help in smooth functioning of the digestive system. It relieves constipation, thus making you less bloated.

17. Apples:

Apples are a great fat-burning fruit because they are packed with fibre. The pectin in apples keeps cells from absorbing fat and also encourages water absorption, which helps remove fat deposits from the body.

18. Cinnamon powder: 

Kick-start your morning and metabolism with this beautiful spice. Loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, it helps in losing that stubborn belly fat. Sprinkling some cinnamon powder to your beverages is a great way to include that in your diet.

19. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is an easy-to-cook fat burner. It works well as a fat-burning food because it contains insoluble and soluble fibre. Any food that is rich insoluble fibre will typically improve fat reduction.