To improve the relationship here are a few of those things that I've learned do seem to say something about the strength of your union:

  1. Speaking Mind freely 
  2. Each one Having Own Space
  3. Normal Disagreements 
  4. Liking yourself and Your Partner 
  5. You Make Decisions Jointly 
  6. You Find Joy and Happiness together 
  7. You Find Balance of work life for each other 
  8. You Treat Each Other With Kindness and Respect.
  9. You Trust Each Other 
  10. Both of You Let Things Go
  11. You Are Intimate and have regular sex 
  12. Your Relationship Is Your Safe Place.
  13. You Talk To Your Partner, about issues and Not To Other People
  14. You often Say The Magic Words I love you”, “Thank you,” and “I'm sorry.”
  15. You express gratitude to each other.
  16. You practice forgiveness with your partner