Here are 15 tips to quickly heal a back spasm:

1. Go to the doctor first to avoid any progression

2.Take proper rest for 2-3 days or more as prescribed by the doctor

3. Don't sit on the bed or sofa

4. Sit in an upright posture with a backrest on a good ergonomic chair

5. Use hot pack/ Cold pack twice a day as prescribed by the doctor

6. Don't sleep on the side of pain

7. Visit a skilled and expert Physiotherapist for pain relief

8. Don't miss your therapy sessions as prescribed to avoid delay in healing

9. Don't do any exercise without the guidance of an expert physiotherapist

10. Avoid yoga when your back is aching

11. Avoid gym when your back is aching

12. Avoid forward bending and lifting any weight

13. Avoid playing any game when your back is aching

14. Start playing any specific sports only after an expert doctor's opinion

15. Avoid continuous long drives