We know that children– the student of today have a lot of suffering in them. There is loneliness, a kind of vacuum in the child, and the child tries to fill this emptiness with video games, movies, television, food and perhaps drugs. So children with low self-esteem and confidence are suffering from undiagnosed forms of depression. 

Following are the tips to prevent children from falling prey to these evils:

  1. Introduce spirituality to your children so that they grow to become caring, balanced human beings 
  2. Family togetherness, values and spending quality time with children
  3. Train your children to listen to their inner voice which helps them to decide for good and bad. If you guide the young to look within, they will develop a sense of calm, peace and self-esteem.
  4. Tell your children stories or fables about kindness, forgiveness, bravery and courage.
  5. Tell your children to have faith and try to solve problems and not to get frustrated or lose patience. That will fill them with hope and positivity.
  6. Teach them to meditate. Meditation among children improves performance in examinations, sports and extracurricular activities. A tangible benefit of meditation includes lowering of negative behaviours such as hyperactivity, disobedience and violent or abusive behaviours. 
  7. Teach them how to handle a painful feeling or emotional stress, as it frequently takes the form of pure misery. For example, loss of a parent, friend or close relative or pet; bullying at school, changing school or moving house; living with a depressed parent; family tensions and so on.
  8. Parents should help them feel secure and calm and spend time talking to the child.
  9. Praise the child that he is capable of handling this competitive environment and it will help to build the child’s self-confidence and improve self-esteem.
  10. Don’t compare your child’s aptitude and capabilities with any other member of your family or social circle.
  11. Do not criticize your child in front of strangers and even to extended family and friends. ‘Self-respect’ is a very important aspect of building a confidence in a child.