1. Hit a ball:

Learn how to play tennis, golf, table tennis, volleyball etc… Get boxing gloves and hit a punching bag imagining you are beating up the person that triggered your anger.  You can also go to the gym and pump iron or simply go for a run or a swim. 

2. Write out your anger:

Get a paper and a pen and write the details of how you feel.

3. Sing out your anger:

Listen to music that carries anger with it like "Before he cheats" by Carrie Underwood. You can also create scores and lyrics that exactly match what you feel. Even if you don't know music, what you will create can be quite beautiful. Use your voice or any musical instrument you are drawn to. 

4. Dance out your anger:

on a staccato rhythm, in the privacy of your home, dance your anger out.

5. Draw or paint your anger:

Take a piece of paper and colorful crayons and draw or paint whatever comes to mind. Some of those paintings can be quite gorgeous.

6. Verbalize your anger:

Using a gestalt technique of putting a chair across from the chair you are sitting upon.Imagine that the person you are angry with is sitting on that chair and tell that chair everything that you are bottling up inside. Another way to safely express anger is to put a few plump pillows on your sofa, wait until you are home alone, then hit those pillows,screaming at them pretending they are the person you are angry at. Within minutes your bottled-up rage will vent, and you will become more relaxed and objective. 

7. Then you can calmly talk:

After using one or more of those techniques, when you feel less emotional, talk directly to the person you are angry with, calmly explain why you are angry, gently explore the different ways to fix the problem and suggest a way to prevent a similar event from happening again.

8. Address your anger:

It is an energy that compels us to define what is just and unjust.’ Rather than trying to ignore your anger, see it as a warning that something is wrong – and needs to be fixed. 

9. Don’t shut yourself down to ideas:

Having a closed mindset can be a breeding ground for anger. Choose to take a wider view and look for commonalities rather than differences. 

10. Do control ‘exercises’ every day:

Sit in a quiet room and concentrate for a minute or more on an object before closing your eyes and imagining it. The longer you can hold the image for, the more it shows that you’re pushing out distractions and gaining control of your mind.