Ayurveda believes food is as important as taking medicine. As per Ayurvedic traditional, good health starts with a proper diet and effective metabolism of food. Hence, a person must take care of what they should eat and what they should avoid. Following a Sattvic diet and lifestyle helps enhance digestion and keeps the body fit. Why is a healthy diet important, one may ask. According to Ayurveda, a proper diet balances all the three doshas and promotes sound health. There are a certain do’s and don’ts that one must follow when eating. Here are 10 very effective tips that can help a person embrace the Ayurvedic way of eating:

1. Eat the right quantity: Each person’s body is different and hence one should eat according the body’s needs. People sometimes overeat, eat out of boredom/stressor, eat limited amount of particular foods thinking that it may increase their weight. What one doesn’t know is that this also affects the body adversely. A balanced diet should also be a perfect balance between protein rich food, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, etc. in the right amount.

2. A low carb-diet at night: It is a basic rule in Ayurveda that a person should have a heavy breakfast, followed by a light lunch and a lighter dinner. Hence, low-carb dinners at night really help. Low carb meals help the body digest the food easily and also allow a person to fall asleep easily. Adequate sleep is highly recommended according to Ayurveda. Avocados, almond, nuts, garlic and spring onions are ideal food items for a dinner.

3. Eat only compatible foods: Compatible foods include food items that are of the same nature. Some food items are warm while others are cold. If eaten together, it might hinder with the dosha and could lead to indigestion, bloating and gas formations. For instance, milk-banana are a combination that people should avoid because one is hot while the other is cool.

4. Chew your food properly: Everyone nowadays is rushing. Even sitting down for a proper meal feels like a big task. People are often hurried and tend to chew their food fast without even relishing it. Slow chewing helps better breakdown of fats and enzymes which is vital for healthy digestion. It also allows one to enjoy the meal and so is a win-win overall!

5. Go for fruits and vegetables: Eating lots of vegetable and fruits is beneficial and everyone is aware of it. But, the nutritional value of these food items is not the only reason why eating fruits and vegetables is important. They have fibre and thus act as a natural internal cleaner and help improve digestion rapidly.

6. Timely meals: As per Ayurveda, a person must only eat when the food that they have eaten before has been digested completely. A gap of at least three hours between each meal is ideal and one should try to have six small meals in a day to complete the full cycle of proper digestion.


7. Spice it up: Not only do spices add aroma and flavour to the food but they also have medicinal values. Spices help boost immunity and prepare one’s body to fight germs. It revs up the digestive system resulting in better absorption and assimilation of nutrients from the foods that are consumed.

8. Drink up: With solid food, a liquid diet is also vital for being healthy and fit. Having fluids helps in boosting your energy and it ensures proper blood flow and digestion as well. Herbal tea like ginger tea, chamomile tea, lemon tea refresh and boost the immunity system. One must avoid too much caffeine and alcohol as it may cause damage to one’s well-being.

9. Say yes to alternatives: People often tend to choose the processed alternatives instead of natural food items and that takes a toll on a person’s vitality. For example, people choose sugar over honey in their food. Honey is always a better option as it facilitates weight loss, reduces mucus and is completely natural. One should also switch to buttermilk rather than curd because curd hinders with the Kapha dosha balance and can lead to glut mucus growth in the nasal passages.

10. Experiment in the kitchen: Eating the same kind of food can be boring for a person and for the body as well. Surprise the body by eating different kinds of food and flavors whenever possible. This will make you feel healthy and content on the inside and also helps your body also respond positively.

So, here were 10 Ayurvedic tips on how to keep one’s body healthy and have a proper digestive system. Keeping one’s body happy one the inside is very important as only then can one feel happy on the outside too. And what remedy is better than just eating the right kind of food at the right time, in the right quantity.