1. Adult orthodontics is a reality today. Having braces was considered to be a part of growing up as a kid. Typically 11 - 13 years olds were visiting their orthodontist to put braces to set their teeth right. Few children with buck teeth, crooked teeth, open and closed bites, etc., receive timely orthodontic treatment with braces to correct teeth alignment problems. Most miss the bus due to lack of awareness, financial issues of parents, procrastination etc. Most realize when they are college going or even later that their teeth are not in the best of alignment, causing lack of self-esteem and confidence, constant fear of rejection and ridicule. Also there are dental health issues due to teeth malalignment and traumatic bite. Sometimes more serious problems of jaw joint pain, jaw muscle pain, headaches etc become a constantly nagging routine. 

  2. Most choose to suffer in agony and think that now its too late to have braces. They accept less than adequate quality of life and suffer low self esteem. But here is the GOOD NEWS..... You can have braces at any age.... Adult braces have become a reality today and all over the world many adults, as old as 55 to 60 years are wearing braces to correct teeth alignment problems and bad bites.

    Advent of new materials and research in orthodontics has led to evolution of new treatment mechanics and orthodontic appliances especially for adults. These appliances and technics have been specially designed for adults so that they can overcome the mental block of wearing braces. Following are few of the orthodontic technologies for adults. 

    1. Visibility - Braces are sometime hated by adults because those stainless steel train tracks are starkly visible when you open your mouth to talk or smile. But today orthodontists have various solutions for the same like ceramic tooth colour braces which are hardly visible. Lingual braces which are fixed behind your teeth so that they are not visible at all, Clear aligners, which are transparent removable aligners which are 3 D printed with CAD CAM technology.

    2. Comfort - Your lingual braces can be custom made for you, having their shape as per your individual tooth contour. Therefore they are less obtrusive and interfering with your tongue and your get adapted pretty much quickly. The specialized wires which move your teeth are also robotically made for your individual requirements. Hence they are comfortable. Latest Nitinol wires apply minimum force avoiding excessive pain and discomfort due to tooth movement.

    3. Convenience - Clear aligner technology has revolutionised world of adult orthodontics by offering precise stage wise transparent aligners to bring about desired teeth movement. These aligners are removable and can be worn by the patient as per their convenience ( although they need to be worn at least 16 hrs / day to have good treatment effect)

    4. Precision - With 3 D imaging ( CBCT), precise diagnosis can be achieved and orthodontic treatment can be planned with best possible treatment outcome in least possible time. Results of Orthognathic surgeries have also become most predictable and free of complications. 

    Today adult orthodontics has so much to offer to individuals who need improved, healthy, well balanced and attractive smile.  Well aligned teeth can be attained at any age with right orthodontics and future health problems due to bad bites can be avoided. Orthodontics can also help to sort out many compromised situations needing teeth replacements, gum surgeries etc. 

    Choose an orthodontist who is well informed and updated about the latest treatment philosophies and who can work in your favour to get you the smile, which you always desired. A good orthodontist knows his worth and may be more costly than others. Respect his knowledge, honesty and skills to be able to deliver good results for you. Do not go for short term quick fixes or financially cheap treatment options, you will probably lose more and gain less.