Positive self-talk and inner conversation going on within us. Our words of self-talk influence our emotional state, behaviour and state of mind. Your worst enemy lives in your mind. So start actively listening to yourself only in positive self-talk.Positive affirmations keep your mind happy.

  • Count the good things
    We may not be happy all the time, but we can be happy about small things. Focus on the good little wins and victories, in our daily lives. Thinking about these wins and victories will build positivity.
  • Stay positive and happy
    Staying positive is a cultivated habit. In all circumstances, happy people do not lose their positivity. They realize that tough times don’t last, that there is always sunrise after darkness. If you remember that everything is temporary, even sadness, then you’re likely to stay happy.
  • Be helpful
    Personally & professionally, do something more than expected. The extra effort will indicate that you care about others and your work.  And it shall reap unexpected surprises and benefits.
  • Do the unexpected
    Life can become a boring routine. Break it. Do the unexpected. Go for an unplanned holiday or a spontaneous outing. Call a long-lost friend and go for a spontaneous trip.
  • Birth good environment
    Smile! And do that often. You not only can bring out ease but also exercise your facial muscles. Share your weaknesses with others and laugh at them. Learn to motivate the other people who can help you both improve and grow from within. Make sure you respond and not react. Learn to appreciate and acknowledge the people in your environment more often.
  • Learn to relax
    If you are in a relaxed state of being, it is natural that the aura eventually spreads around. Learn to take a break and just breathe some fresh air! This not only comforts you but also makes the other person seem more at ease to bond with you. And this is a basic secret of a lasting relationship. Note that an act of relaxation only displays nervousness. So don't act relaxed, be relaxed!