Life gets busy,we get busy and before we know it, we're cribbing about how we used to be once upon a time.

We change-we grow with time, our priorities change, we learn a lot, we let go of certain things and eventually move on in life.

But every now and then, we tend to forget one essential person behind-our own self. Soon,the difference between moving on and moving ahead in life also becomes blurred.

Everyone moves on in life.It's something we have to do and we must do, to keep the cycle of life going. However, if we move in a direction that takes us ahead in life instead of simply dragging along, things would be much less complicated. In doing so, a little bit of focus on ourselves,would just be the cherry on the icing.

So,if you have been going through these things in your life, it may be a good idea to get out of that cozy blanket and get into action!

Feeling low:

If you often find yourself feeling low and in a not so great mood most of the time, it's probably a good idea to evaluate your life a little objectively and start identifying the things that are affecting your mood.

Have nothing interesting to do:

Whether you go to office or you work at home, work will always be work. There are always so many things that we have to do, must do, should do. Slowly, the things we want to do, can be seen flying out of the window and that leaves us with "I don't know what interests me anymore" or " I don't usually have anything interesting to do". No matter what we  need to and must do, we must also create a little window in our lives for doing the things that we enjoy. It could be anything from watching mindless TV to reading a book, taking a leisurely afternoon nap, a short walk etc.

No time for friends:

A little bit of fun, even if once a month goes a long way in making the mind feel rejuvenated. So if you haven't given yourself the time-out, it might be a good time to do it now!

No exercise:

These days,it's convenient to say 'I have no time'. Well,sometimes your intent matters more than time. Your body is your responsibility and the more you neglect it, the more diseases and illnesses you invite. As age progresses, it becomes far more difficult to keep up with the health challenges that we could easily avoid.

Binge eating:

We all eat. But for what? Food is nutritious and keeps us healthy.But not the way we end up eating most of the times! If you're not careful of what you eat and at what time you eat, it's bound to show its effects sooner or later.

Love thyself: 

You know whom you've been ignoring for long, once you find yourself thinking about the good old days and cribbing about how you have become now.

If there an intent to change and for the better, the time is always now!