Improves circulation in the lower abdomen. Prevents stiff knees and ankle joints.Sit down, stretch out the legs and keep them together. Fold one leg at the knee joint and place the sole under the buttock of the same side by turning it upward. Place the other sole in the same way. Make a comfortable seat, keeping the knees close together. Place the palms on the respective knees; keep the spine straight. Drop the eye-lids. Relax the body and feel the breathe.


It builds a healthy upper spine. Relieves pains at the upper spine to overwork. It adjusts the spinal column if there is any slight displacement. It can cure the tendency of flatulence immediately after the meals.Lie on the check, resting forehead on the ground. Keep the palms on the ground by the side of the chest. Lift the head. Take it back fully. Raise the upper part of the body up to the naval. Gaze upwards. Maintain this position for a few breaths. Come down gradually in the reverse order. Rest and relax.


Fine practice to build up a healthy pelvis and abdomen. Keep the hips in shape and strengthens the muscles of the back. The tendency of feeling flatulent a short while after the meals is cured by a regular practice.Line on the chest with the chin on the ground. Keep the hands by the side of the body, closing the fingers and keeping the fist facing upwards. Raise both the legs backwards and upwards according to capacity. Do not bend the knees. Breathing should be normal. Retain this position according to capacity. Come down slowly and relax.


Builds strong abdomen and elastic recti muscles. The spine is bent back to the maximum and as a result, circulation in the spine is improved and the spine becomes more elastic. Certain types of pains in the back and lumber regions and rigidity of the spine can be cured.Lie prone with the chin on the ground and hands by the side of the body. Bend the knees and catch the ankles. Try to get the legs back and up with the head and the chest up. Secure a greater curve and get the pressure on the abdomen. Retain the posture for a few breaths. Relax the legs and let both the extremities come down on the ground slowly.


Maintains elasticity of the spine and keeps the spine nerves in perfect health. Develops strong abdominal muscles. Takes care of the thyroid. Dyspepsia, flatulence and constipation can be treated by this pose. Enlarged liver and spleen* can be reduced by this pose. It is also useful in certain types of diabetes.Lie on the back with hands stretched by the side of the body. Raise the legs gradually and slowly up to 90*. Move the legs towards the head till you touch the ground with toes. Rest a few breathes. Move toes further away from head, breath. Again rest. Bend the hands and prepare a finger lock encircling the head. Move the toes again further away as you can. Rest. Maintain this and then come back to the original position in the reverse order and relax.


It is fine posterior stretch. It builds strong abdominal muscles. The lumbo sacral region gets richer supply of blood and pelvic organs are toned up. Constipation, dyspepsia, seminal weakness and back pain can be treated.Sit down with legs stretched out. Bend index fingers to form hooks. Catch hold of the corresponding big toes with these hooks. Bend the upper part of the body from trunk inwards and let the forehead touch the knees with the elbows to the ground. Relax and retain the pose for some time. Come back to the original position by taking the head up and relieving the hold of the toes.


Maintains healthy thyroid and consequently the whole body remains healthy. It influences sex glands beneficially. Immediate old age, seminal weakness, dyspepsia and constipation can be effectively controlled and treated.


Removes all types of mental, physical tensions and rejuvenates the mind and the body. Insomnia and hypertension can be treated. Rehabilitation of patients who have had a heart attack can be rapidly secured by its practice over long period.Lie on back keeping little distance between the legs with hands slightly away from the body. Keep whole body comfortable position. Drop eye-lids relax. Focus the mind on movement of air that accompanies the breath and feel experience the touch of it on soft palate and the walls of the nose. Do not curb the mind. Maintain it for 5-15 minutes.